The Gift of Inspiration

by Jaquetta
(North Carolina, United States)

When you think of a gift, you immediately think of Christmas or some other ceremonial event where presents are given and received. Typical gifts include materialistic things. Cards are given at Christmas, toys at your two year old sister’s birthday party.

Materialistic things are great to have, but what if you could give someone a gift that would benefit them eternally? Providing them with guidance or a sense of self worth, creating stability in their lives or hope through a troublesome situation. You could give them a friend, a role model, even a form of support.

Leading them forward in the never ending roller coaster of life. You could give them the gift of inspiration. Inspiration is something we all need at specific points within our lives.

The connection between the words being transferred from the mouth of a trustworthy person to the ears of a youngster yearning to to acquire the knowledge in which has been obtained. Providing someone with inspiration means helping them mentally, physically and emotionally improve themselves, helping them succeed in whatever it is they may be trying to do.

In turn, they may express a certain gratitude and respect towards you, leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction in the fact that you were successful in leading someone down the correct path.

Inspiration is defined as stimulation of the mind or emotions to high levels of feeling or activity. What is the purpose of this activity? The purpose of inspiration to many would be to encourage or enlighten. Inspirational speakers typically set out to convey a certain message through emotional appeal.

These messages are intended to create a sense of healing within someone who may be experiencing trouble within their lives. More often than not, inspiration leads to motivation which is the driving force responsible for positive action. Someone who wants to achieve something in life may have the talent but not the self-confidence to take action. In this, they eventually become underachievers.

Inspirational speakers wish to give guidance to those who find themselves in this very situation. However, you do not have to be a inspirational speaker to inspire. There are many who lack self confidence, self esteem and self worth and just need a friend or someone they admire to reassure them of their purpose.

Inspiration is a significant factor in the art of achievement. Those who have yet to accomplish their goals may lack the inspiration they need. It is always a self gratifying situation when one is praised for their work or accomplishments.

Which is why everyone should take ample time to promptly provide positive feedback to a family member or friend. Even when they feel as if they want to give up on whatever it is they wish to achieve, inform them of the possible benefits of continuing. In turn, they may assist you when you need feedback or reassurance.

To be there to assist someone when they are down or to provide positive feedback and encouragement, is generally a sign that you are a trustworthy person. This trait alone is significant when gaining a strong support system of friends and family members.

After all, being a friend is enough to be considered an inspiration someone’s life. They may find that without you they would not have accomplished their goals and appreciate you for your assistance.

In other terms, inspiration may come in various forms. Inspiration may be a quote in a book or a personal experience of some well known individual. Personal experiences are typically what lead those who aspire to be extremely effective. They may have experienced a troublesome situation or lost hope throughout their journey of self improvement. However, they learn to analyze the obstacles set before them and in turn, create a reason to succeed.

By providing a detailed personal experience, someone may appeal to another person’s emotions. The person may then think about everything they have gone through, first analyzing their situation and creating not excuses but reasons as to why they may still be in the situation. Usually, a person may find their way out of whatever loophole they are in and realize it wasn’t as big as they’d imagined.

A person who inspires or influences a person in a positive manner is referred to as a role model. A role model is a person who may have a lot of supporters or only a few. In most cases, their supporters are also their followers, looking up to them in a manner of respect and gratitude for not only overcoming a particular situation but sharing that situation to enlighten those who may have experienced something similar. A role model could be a teacher, a public figure, an older sibling or an elderly relative.

All with something important to share and a group of people willing to listen. By tracking the success of someone in the same field of study you wish to obtain, you may find guidance in what to do and where to go. To elaborate, if by chance you wanted to pursue a modeling career. You may research and find materials constructed specifically for those who wish to model.

There may be video tutorials on what to wear and how to pose. You may even find special opportunities or tips that will help you get started. Knowing that there are others following a similar path will initially lead you to take a chance.

Overall, inspiration is a powerful thing. It can keep someone going or even convince them to start again after stopping. To inspire someone is to give them the power necessary to not only succeed but to overcome troublesome situations.

As a family member or a friend you are already an inspiration to someone’s life weather you know it or not. If you are an older sibling your younger siblings may look up to you for protection and support. It is your responsibility whether you believe it or not, to instill in them the inspiration they wish to obtain. You must lead them to grow into respected and successful beings. When giving inspiration you are giving someone a power that was once given to you.

Inspiration is obtainable in various ways and is available to everyone. On that note, never forget to give someone a positive outlook on a negative situation. Sometimes even a stranger needs reassurance, if one of your classmates makes a grade higher than they did before, congratulate them.

Everyone needs a little push sometimes, everyone needs to know that they can and will succeed, everyone needs motivation and the gift of inspiration.

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Nov 10, 2014
Lovey article
by: Moses

Thank you so much for taking time to inspire us with this lovely article.

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