The Greatest Salesman in the World

by Johnny Le

I sometimes listen to the audio version of this book in the morning to motivate myself and build positive energy. Some of you might have heard about positive mental self-talk.We all have to deal with our negative feelings regularly and it's very important to not let negative feelings direct our life.

We can control our feelings by taking actions or doing positive self-talk. I'm sure we all have been in a situation, which we want to do something, but the negative person in our mind keeps telling that we can't. I sometimes have some internal conversations like this:

"Me: Wow! That girl is hot! I want to make friend with her."
"Mr. Negative: No man. You are too ugly and shy. She will not like you."

"Me: I have an idea! Maybe I should share with everyone."
"Mr. Negative: No. That's a stupid idea. Don't share it!"

"Me: I want to be rich. I want to be successful!"
"Mr. Negative: Noooo! You are not good enough. You don't have the necessary skills."

"Me: Today, I need to go to work in the morning and go to school in the afternoon."
"Mr. Negative: No, just stay home. School and work are so bring. It's raining outside as well."

See what I mean? I bet you had similar conversations with Mr. Negative before. If you don't do anything to control that negative person, he/she will eventually take over and force you act according to your negative feelings.

That's why I try to do positive self-talk everyday so that I don't act according to my negative feelings. My favorite phrases are:

- I like my self, I like my job, I like my school, I like my friends
- I feel happy I feel healthy I feel terrific
- I can do it, I'm the best
- No matter how bad it is , or how bad it gets, I'm going to make it
- I will go in there and I don't care what happens
- I'm going to show you how great I am
- I will persist until I succeed
- I refuse to let my day end with defeat
- Today I begin a new life

By saying these words to my self out loud (of course not when people are around or else they will send me to a Mental Illness Hospital...haha) , I have developed the courage to do more things I'm afraid to do but necessary for my success. For example, they say public speaking is the number one fear, even more than death. I'm scared of public speaking too.

I remember more than a year ago I went to a big conference which gathered about 500 to 600 people. The speaker was really inspiring and I wanted to raise my hand to ask him a question. However, I was afraid that hundreds of people would look at me and say :"That's a stupid question. Why did he even ask?" My heart was pumping really fast and my hands were shaking. I wanted to ask him but "Mr. Negative" keeps saying :"Don't ask. Just sit there and watch. It's more comfortable that way".

To control him, I constantly repeated to myself (not too loud of course, haha) that I CAN DO IT! And you know what? I did it and it was such a breakthrough in my life!

William Clement Stone, a very successful business man who went thought lots of struggles since he was 3, did this every morning to pump up his energy. Everyday when he woke up, he would jump out of his bed, stand straight and raise his arms high, and then repeat several times with enthusiasm: "I feel happy I feel healthy I feel terrific!". Try this exercise in the morning and see how it helps you with the rest of the day.

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