The Knowledge of Who You Are Delivers

by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)


“Knowing the YOU that you are is the highest height of wisdom”

The first step to becoming the YOU you want to become is to know the YOU that you currently are.
GREAT people have the right understanding of who they are.
The knowledge of who we are is a higher dimension of the belief that we have in our potentials.
Issues of life, Circumstances, People & Problems might challenge our belief system, but no force on earth... can take away from us... what we know.

What we know... we know.
What we don’t know... we don’t know.
What we don’t know... we can still know.

Whatever you know about YOU... will help YOU build your LIFE.
“People are destroyed for lack of knowledge” so the holy book says.
It’s also said that; they that know their GOD shall be strong and do exploits.
People who know are exploit makers
People who know are trailblazers
People who know are Greater than the world around them
People who know are envied and not pitied
People who know are unstoppable, No matter the matter!

So, we can know by:
Asking... Seeking more...Thinking wide...Studying... Observing

Belief I think might not be enough... we may need to KNOW and KNOW and KNOW

Best Regards,
Fresh Motivation Int’l

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