The Secret

by Linda Kuvheya

A Zambian friend of mine bought and sent me the book to Zimbabwe after I was involved in a horrific accident that claimed the lives of two relatives and I was the only survivor. I was badly hurt and going through both physical and emotional pain.

I read this book and I realised that all my life, I had brought about bad things to myself through fear and negative thoughts. The book told me, "Even that accident that you were in, you thought about it and brought to reality."

I searched for the DVD and I began to master how I can change my life. It teaches about happiness and gratitude. I started thanking God for my healing and amazingly, I have experienced speedy healing that I would term miraculous.

I am a happy individual, I strive to remain happy under all circumstances. I have learnt to eliminate my fears and go for the things I have dreamt about.

In-fact, my visit to this website is as a result of the secret - the Law Of Attraction. I have an interest in motivational speaking and writing. I have decided to start doing so at a larger scale as I have received many positive comments from individuals whom I assist with the different problems that they face in life.

I came to Dr. Mo's website to read an about motivation for dreamers-overcoming fear and suddenly I read about him....and there lay my answer....Can I get time to visit SBI now. Thank you.

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