The Success Equation And The Seven Myths About Manifesting Abundance

by Linda Zander
(Malibu, CA, USA)

Linda Zander

Linda Zander

We've heard it all a million times: the various secrets of how to manifest lives of abundance. Every "Guru" has their own angle; a singular approach to manifesting that we've all tried. And yet, in spite of the countless Gurus offering books, programs, products, etc that espouse the "secret to manifesting" we are in the biggest Global economic and well-being crisis since the Great Depression. What does that say? That somehow we, as brilliant and intelligent human beings have failed the "secrets" that have been taught to us? I know this is not true.

And yet, as a Sustainable Success Coach, I have countless talented individuals come to me saying that there must be something seriously wrong with them because they have diligently applied the principles of affirmations, positive thinking, visualization and The Law of Attraction and yet they just can't get the "truth in manifesting" to work for them. They come to me believing that they haven't found a way to fix their character flaws or their lower selves in order to "allow" in abundance.

The truth is that everyone already has within them the ability to manifest lives of Sustainable Success. Sustainable Success is lasting and fulfilling abundance. "Sustainable Success" is created through applying an equation and not any one singular thing. There are three key factors that form the basis of the equation:

1. Defining what Abundance and Success is for you. Not adopting some outside opinion or value that isn't consistent with the core of who you are, but identifying the definition that is representative of your own values.

2. Applying ALL aspects of yourself in the manifestation process that means accepting the TOTALITY of who you inherently are as a human being. Each of us is a perfect blend of ingredients that when used together create the perfect recipe for success. If we only use one or a few of the ingredients in the recipe, the dish doesn't turn out successfully.

3. Understanding that you cannot have wealth without well-being and well-being without wealth. One without the other will serve to prevent sustainability of any success that you may initially create for yourself.

The definition process in #1 is essential before you can successfully begin to create Sustainable Success. If you can't define what success or abundance is, you won't be able to achieve it. Too many people think that a definition is a desired tangible object. One must define success based upon the essence of the thing or things that you want to achieve for yourself. Some examples of definitions of success as published in a recent magazine and quoted by notably successful entrepreneurs from many industries are as follows:



* "Earning a living doing what I love doing, whether it be making a film, writing a script or riding a skateboard."

* "Doing what you love and doing it well."

* "I define a successful man as a happy man. A happy man has a family that he loves and work that he enjoys."

* "Happiness! If you are happy, then you must be a success!"

* "Being happy in every area of life: business, family, and philanthropy."

What is your definition? Take the time to develop your own definition. When using words like: Happiness, be sure to define what that means for you too. Too many of us are in the practice of using words that identify what we want to achieve and we don't even have definitions for them.

The following Seven mistruths will keep you from being able to accomplish the second key to achieving Sustainable Success:

1. Do what you love and the money will follow.
2. Follow your heart and not your head.
3. Lead with your head and not your heart.
4. There is only now, don't think about the past because it is already gone or about the future because it hasn't arrived yet.
5. One must transcend the lower self in order to achieve happiness and success.
6. Letting go of ego is key to manifesting success.
7. "Negative" thoughts are our enemy.

All of us have within us emotional, rational, intellectual and creative bodies. And, we all seek to achieve security and recognition in our lives. Thus, to disown any one part or natural expression of ones self is literally to disconnect from ourselves. If we disconnect and identify any one part as "bad" we are not utilizing all of our divine natural gifts and talents. We all have areas that we feel we are strongest in; but we can strengthen those other areas with practice and by creating a community around us that supports our journey. To force ourselves not to have certain thoughts, or to think of any aspect of ourself as "negative parts" that need to be gotten rid of is the ultimate act of self-injury and doesn't provide the self acceptance that is necessary in manifesting the wealth and well-being that we all desire to achieve.

It is in the acceptance of ourselves as inherently whole and managing a balanced interplay between all components of ourselves that successfully achieves sustainable abundance. Balancing inspiration with perspiration; emotion with reason; being in the now while keeping an eye to the future and having the wisdom to reflect on the past; dreaming up a dream and developing and implementing a plan to make that dream a reality; deciding what wealth and well-being is to you and knowing that wealth is not sustainable or fulfilling without well-being and well-being isn't possible without wealth; all equals utilizing the sum of all parts of yourself for the achievement of long-term successful and fulfilling outcomes.

In the end, YOU, as you are right now, are the Success equation-it is ready to be unleashed and directed for the Sustainable Success that is yours to have.

(c) 2009, Linda Zander. All rights reserved. Reprints welcomed so long as article and byline are printed intact and all links made live.

Linda Zander is an accomplished entrepreneur, sustainable success coach and professional speaker. She is a natural visionary and intuitive who is dedicated to bringing her personal and business wisdom to the lives of others. Her Quantum Shift Process (QSP) provides guaranteed results in the midst of any and every life circumstance. To learn more about working with Linda visit her website at

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