"The Truth"

by Devon Mercurious
(Kingston Jamaica)

Me and my Beautiful wife of 17 yrs.

Me and my Beautiful wife of 17 yrs.

The Truth about who we are and how we obtain righteousness has long been misconstrued to those among us who feel that they are better than others and try to get others to feel bad about themselves.

The foot of the cross is level for all to come. Whosoever will may come ... As Romans 4:6 states "Blessed is the man who God counts as righteous without works."

When I saw this verse it helped me to lose that nagging feeling of always can't measuring up, because the more I try to do good the more I realize I am helpless on my own apart from God's Spirit

"He is all my righteousness I am complete in him."

Now this isn't a license to live ungodly but to make us understand that God sees us as righteous as long as we accept Jesus finished work at calvary "He became sin for us that we may become the righteousness of God in Him."

Thanks be to God today I am righteous, I don't have to fight struggle or earn it - it's given to me freely by faith in Jesus Christ ....... Walk in this freedom today knowing you are counted righteous.

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