The Two -inside you

by Sagar Sindhuri
(Andhra Pradesh, India)

Sagar Sindhuri

Sagar Sindhuri

I was working as a teacher for kindergarten. I got a married at my 24. I independently married one girl without taking my parent's permission. That made a strong difference in my life.I got expelled from my home.

Besides having good dreams, I adjusted for a small living with a little salary. later I vexed with full of problems.

I had lost my job at the time of my son's birth. No job,no money, nothing I had for hospitality itself.

I nearly managed to ruin my life. I had remained as a waste father and a husband of inability. For nearly 3 years I had struggled with my life and circumstances.

One fine day my friend showed me a video. It was called ''The Secret''. By watching that movie something happened in my inner heart.

The next morning I went to a book shop for some stationary. There I saw the book "The Secret" By Rhonda Burne. Immediately, I had purchased that book by borrowing some money from my dear friend.

I read it all day long.That was the day I remembered "I got stimulated very effectively". , Finally, I fought myself to set a great goal.

By analyzing deeply I came to set a goal, that is to become a great motivational writer and speaker. After just a few days I started to write a book. I finished it soon.

Thereafter I tried to attract the situations to publish the book. As I had strongly desired, I got an opportunity to meet a publisher. They were impressed with my work and made an agreement to publish my book.

Soon my book came to market. For this book I got one thousand rupees as remuneration. Days had gone by. Now I am the leading author in the market. Now I am enjoying my dream in life with a fine furnished home and with my dream car. With great holiday trips, and abundant bank balance.

The great thing I had learnt from my struggle is "there are two forces inside every body, one is hope and another is hopeless. To achieve a higher level you just need to one thing...just awaken one of your great friend inside you,that is "hope". Feed him all along with your positive thoughts."

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