Thought Dynamics - A Vector where Quality also is a property

by Subhashis
(India )

We believe that quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thoughts .

Thoughts have three like a typical vector :


A)The quantity of thoughts can be controlled by leading a disciplined life and being always engaged at all times. If we can plan out our day and choose activities which are more proactive than reactive we can improve the quality of thoughts.This would entail focused attention for a fixed period of time on either learning or problem solving. Even if practising discipline all through the day is difficult , we must make it a commitment to practice discipline for four to five hours in a day.

For few hours in a day we must follow a set routine. This sort of discipline will give a proper framework to our lives and will not allow our mind to react and get involved in unplanned activities.

Many years ago in the absence of domestic help or internet and television distractions some people would spend all their free time in housework saying they wanted to serve their families out of love . Hence they had no time for gossip or the cinema and were full of peace.

Our scriptures have always mentioned that we perform all our duties in righteous fashion as a son, father , mother , student etc. Through this we will find that our minds are occupied and there is no time for daydreaming.

B)The quality of thoughts can be improved by reading holy books or listening to lectures by holy persons instead of visiting the cinema or gossiping with our friends. Finally what is good or bad can be judged by our conscience as to whether it is taking us closer to our goals or away from it .

Best way to improve quality of thoughts is to practice keeping calm at all times. The 6 enemies of happiness are desire, anger , greed , delusion , jealousy and vanity. When these are present we feel calm at all times.

C)We are careless about the kind of companions we have , the books we read, the videos we say. If we find a friend is disturbing our mind we must cut off all contact with the friend no matter what the cost. Bad company has the power to snatch away all our good qualities. Satsanga or good company has tremendous power to build an unseen fort all around us so that unwanted thoughts do not reach us. Only a weekend satsanga will end up as a weakened satsanga. Satsanga does not mean one has to reach temples or ashramas to attain it. Even reading of good books , listening to bhajanas , talks by say for example by Swami Sarvapriyananda on You Tube can have an elevating influence on the mind .

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