Thoughts, Words & Actions

by Kevin Francis
(Cape Town, South Africa)

"Words are just words" I've heard that so many times.
We all have endured a form of abuse, hurt & betrayal at the hand of someone we trusted, loved & cared for at one point.
Which left scares so deep, destroying some faith & believe in others. So I do understand why so many say, “words are just words”...
Every day we make choices, Every day we Hope & Pray that things will be different or better the next day!
Whatever place or situation we find ourselves in today, is a result of the choices we made yesterday.
We have control over most things that happen in our lives, but sometimes things happens which are beyond our control.
Whatever they are,
Whether we see them as some form of punishment, curse or a test.
We've all at one time asked our self or God
"Why is this happening to me...", "What have I done to deserve this..."
Sometimes the situation we in or those around us can turn our frustration to anger!
Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, but yet the most destructive & least productive emotion.
Our mind is a battlefield of thoughts & just because your mind is active, it doesn't mean it's active with the right thoughts or things.
With negative thoughts we tend to use excuses like,
“I can't, It's too hard, I don't know & doubting things.."
We end up concentrating on what we can't do & what could go wrong instead of what we can do & what could go right!
We may not have a spirit of fear, but fear is very real & not something that's easy to step out of.
More often we tend to believe what we say to ourselves than what others say.
Remember, fear doesn't breath, it doesn't have thoughts & it doesn't have words....
Our Actions gives Fear Power.
So, Don't let Fear Seal your Destiny..!!!

by K E V

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