Top 3 Time Wasters Eating Up Your Time Right Now

by Silvia Pencak
(PO Box 39540, 579A Lakeshore Rd. E., Mississauga, Ontario L5G 4S6)

We live in busy times when everything and everybody seems to be screaming for our attention. No matter where we turn our heads, there’s something requiring our opinion, presence, action, adding to our already painful overwhelm.

It seems to be harder than ever before to choose between necessary, important and extra. Yet, this is what we’ll discuss today. Are you ready to discover the biggest time wasters that are eating up your time?

I’m going to skip obvious stuff like TV, computer games, etc. because you already know about these (whether you listen to the advice or not).

1. Reactive living
Reactive living is going through life reacting to situations that happen as opposed to designing situations you want. It is sad and concerning how many people live their lives without purpose, direction and vision. “Without vision people perish,” states Bible and there’s a lot of wisdom in this simple sentence. Without vision you don’t know where you’re heading, therefore it’s hard to plan and achieve. If you end up doing what you enjoy in life, it’s a coincidence or “luck”. It just doesn’t happen to everybody, right?

To live life without purpose and direction leaves you empty handed in everyday life situation. This is why some people choose to watch cheap entertainment on TV instead of listening to training DVD. This is why some will read romance instead of non-fiction. And this is why many will complain about politics instead of voicing their opinions where it matters or going to vote.

The problem with reactive living is that you can never accomplish anything …unless you trip over the opportunity and by some miracle choose the right option. Most likely even then you won’t be happy, because you won’t know that you’re living your dream. Reactive living will keep you busy, yet underachieving, always worried about what’s next, stressed about life situations, unprepared for life to happen. Reactive living will waste big chunk of your time and made it to my list of top three time wasters.

2. Lack of decisiveness
You might have the most inspiring vision out there, you might be super excited to make it happen. And you might even be telling others about it. Yet, if you lack decisiveness, you will waste loads of time. Weighing pros and cons, making decisions that you doubt right after creating them, never taking action is a vicious circle that will keep you in unproductive zone for a long time. This is why so many out there just can’t get going. They freeze when it comes to decision making.
The best choice you can make is to take a step, fall, get up, take another step, fall, get up again and try again. Just like you did it so many times before – learning to sit, stand, walk, talk, ride a bike, put on mascara, drive, cut a cake, blow a candle, tie your shoe laces and many other things – you learn as you keep on trying. So make a decision and give yourself a permission to fail. As soon as you learn in the process, you will be fine!

3. Disorganization
Have you ever wasted a day (or two) just because you couldn’t find something? To be honest, I have. I’m usually pretty good with my own stuff, but my kids’ school papers mysteriously keep disappearing in our house. Trust me, going on a rescue mission a day before the project is due is not a pretty activity. We frantically search for a paper, then go shop hunting for materials necessary, then whole family gets involved (while other important projects get pushed away), we all get easily upset with each other, rarely finish the project and usually it all ends up with a note in kids’ agenda that we need extra day to get it all done.

Disorganization gives you fake sense of accomplishment. You can lie to yourself about how good things are, but only until the next project is due. Then all of it happens again… stress, chaos, and at the end you end up feeling like you under-performed.

No matter how disorganized you are, there are systems and structures you can put in place to make things better. If you can’t figure them out, find someone else who can help you in this area. Trust me, your life will never be the same!

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Jul 01, 2014
Living A Reactional Life
by: Anonymous

Well put and precise. Living a reactional life is what has touched me. Probably, am a culprit of that. Now, if the causes come from the source of your livelihood, say work place. In lower positions, it is difficult to make changes of the way things are run. Even in politics peoples views are sometimes better heard in times of campaigns.
It takes selfless people to understand the views of other people. Many leaders know what they need to do but do not do it for self gain. A junior officer reminding them of what to do is seen as a threat. I hope the falling and getting up does not include being sucked from work and looking for another one. In a developing nation like mine (Zambia) jobs are not easily found and business not an easy venture.
Thanks for the insights.

Jul 01, 2014
Thanks for the wonderful articles
by: Moses

Thank you for your wonderful contributions, Silvia. Very enriching and helpful advice.

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