by Rev. Robert Williams III
(Detroit, MI USA)


As I approach the coming day, I realize and recognize that my destiny today is a direct result of what I do, what I say, how I act, how I react to others, what I want, what I expect and what I will or will not tolerate.

Therefore, before my feet hit the floor, my mind is already thinking, my heart is racing to a rhythmic beat, my thoughts are in precise obedient focus and my soul is thirsty for peace, thirsty for love, thirsty for joy, thirsty for opportunities and thirsty for possibilities.

Now, as I peak into the windows of tomorrow, I pull back the curtains of today, so that I may get a better view of what is expected of me and what is desired from me. Throughout my years at on this Earth, I have learned to Trust in me. I have learned that I am Confident not Arrogant, I am Self-Sufficient, not pitiful and deficient, I am Empowered to attain greatness, not unauthorized and powerless. I may not have all the answers; however, I will make it my business to find the answers.

Because of the Trust that I have in me, I choose to have a great day, I choose to be organized, I choose to be energized, I choose to walk by faith and not by sight, I choose to tell the truth and not lie, I choose to listen to my teachers, I choose to respect and obey my parents. I choose to laugh and not cry, live and not die, I choose to assess each situation in my life, then I act, then I speak, then I know that I can do all things, for I am strengthened.

For I have learned to Trust in myself, I have learned to trust in my abilities, I have learned to walk and not faint, I have learned to trust in character, trust my integrity, trust in my responsibilities and trust in my sense of accountability.

Finally, I trust my body, I trust my mind, I trust my spirit, I trust my decision and I trust my power to say “no” to drugs, say “no” to alcohols, I say “no” to mediocrity, I say no to shucking and jiving, no to faking and shaking. I am somebody whom trust in wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in GOD!

By Rev. Robert Williams, III

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