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Jun 14, 2010
Give away something today!
by: Devon Mercurious

In the age that we live in where everone is doing favours for money noone wants to work for a good name or just a mere thank you it seems so trivial. We all seems to want to be paid , and because of this we seems to have lost our way, Remember the Bible says that the wages of sin is death, so you want to be paid look back my friend we all deserved to die because we are all sinners christ gave His life for us whether you believe it or not I make no apology, it is so, The next time you are ask to do a favour, do it gladly knowing that the best things in life you can't afford it because its the grace of God and and its free.
What have we given away lately ? do we pray for others like we pray for our selves? do we give in love ? do we see everyone the way God sees us? Lets change our lives by becoming like our Heavenly Father and let Him change others through us ! "Freely receive freely give" Give love today what you give away will come back to you an hundred fold.

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