We are all Children

by Chikoti
(Lusaka, Zambia)

My children have taught me that we are all children and the same whether adults or kids.

Children demand so many things, sometimes good things and sometimes bad things. As parents we decide what is good or bad for them and we give them what is good for them and withhold what is bad. As parents that is our responsibility.

Sometimes I get tired of my kids' requests or get irritated or just don't understand why they cry for some things. Sometimes I get angry and impatient.

But on reflection, I have seen the same behaviour in myself. I want things that are bad for me. I want things that I do not need. I cry for this and for that and no sooner do I have something than I want the next thing.

So God, as a loving parent, also looks after me. He denies me what is bad for me, though I asked for it. He gives me what I need and what is required to sustain me. Sometimes he is angry with me when I do wrong and sometimes he chastens me. But it is all done in love. It is all done in holiness.

So just as my children submit to me as their parent here on earth, I have learnt that I must also submit to the Lord and let him lead me.

So lead me dear Lord. Watch over me. Look after me.

Satisfy me with long life and show me your salvation.

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