by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)

“An exit from somewhere is an entry to somewhere”.
It’s been said that for every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage.

There’s hope in every hopeless situation...
There’s a message in every mess...
There’s promotion after every examination (Temptation)...
There are opportunities in every difficulty...
There’s a great grace waiting for you in every disgrace...
Probably your setback is a set up for a spectacular comeback.

My Brother once told me that;
You don’t have to cry so much over your failure... it is reversible. That you mistakenly spilled the milk to the floor is not the end of life... as long as you still have the cow, you will make a better one.
That you failed once..., twice..., thrice..., or many times, is not enough to label you as a failure. It’s only the event that failed... you are not yet a failure until you admit that you are one.

Too many people cry too much about missed opportunities, failed plans, and collapsed business, to the extent that they close their eyes to new and better ideas.
Where you are right now is not your end stop... it is only a bus stop.

Weeping may endure for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

The very evidence that your predicament will never be permanent is the fact that you were not born with it. Everything with a beginning surely has an end.

As long as you still have what God put inside you:
• You will be celebrated where you were once tolerated
• New doors will surely open for you
• Greater opportunities abounds
• Your success is guaranteed in HIM
• You are sure to rise seven times higher than you fell
• You will fly where you once crawled
There is hope of a GLORIOUS tomorrow for us all....

Best Regards,
©Fresh Motivation Int’l

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