Where is the location of Your Total Happiness?

by Zubli Zainordin

I am fascinated with the intention, the vision, and the mission of Dr Moses Simuyemba. In a way he reminds me of one great mind who is famously remembered delivering a speech that reverberates, "I have a dream". Dr. Martin Luther King. I view Dr Moses Simuyemba as a young individual who has all the qualities to extend and expand this dream shared by all of us in this world.

The proof is this portal, and also the newsletter, that torch a light that shall add to shine beauty and meaning around and throughout the globe. So, let's dream together for a better world to live in.

While enjoying the benefits that Dr. Moses Simuyemba offers here, a moment ago I am attracted to an article: How to be happy – Don't Worry, Be Happy . The reason being, I am now authoring a book - The Wisdom Of Total Happiness. More at: http://www.totalhapiness.wordpress.com/

Happy, is a word so close to our hearts. In fact, happiness is now a worldwide favorite subject of discussions; being happy is a popular topic of searchers and researchers for ages; and total happiness is a choice for us to experience at any given moment as the ultimate rights of our life.

Please observe that, when an individual could not feel happy, he or she begins to wonder, "why am I not happy?". When another individual sees other people who are happy, they begin to caution, "why are you so happy? Don't hurt yourself now". When another individual knows a bit about happiness, he or she begin to probe others, "are you happy?".

When an individual knows more, he or she shares, "how to be happy". Of course there are many more questions to ask. However, at this point my interest is to answer the question, "where can we find total happiness?", "Where is its location?"

To illustrate, please imagine this scenario. Sometime ago, a man in a house has observed his wife who is not happy. The man suggested, "honey, let me take you to the cinema, or a concert tonight. May be you long for a circus, there is one nearby. Well, I can even fly with you to Hawaii this Saturday. Or would you prefer that we tour as far as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Or Zambia? Do tell me where the place on this globe that you want to go, I'll take you there, as long as it makes you happy!"

Yet, the result shall be beyond one's comprehension, because any place outside oneself has nothing to do with one's total happiness inside. Horace Friess, once said, "all seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within".

Yes, total happiness is not without, but within. In fact, total happiness is a gift from the God, to us ever since we were born into his world. Total happiness is our birthright. As babies it is only natural for us to being totally happy. In addition, we are continuously being in this feeling of total happiness inside, regardless of what happens or what did not happen outside. In fact, we are able to attain, contain, maintain, and sustain total happiness from then on, throughout our life, until our inevitable death.

Total happiness is within us. Pure, complete and wholesome. It has always been here. It is still here now. Nothing and no one on the face of this earth can take it away from us. It's level is constant, therefore it cannot be any less or more. It is consistently enough at all times. It is just right for us as we celebrate our first "happy" birthday, and it is enough even till we celebrate beyond our 100th., "happy" birthday. We are still totally happy, moment after moment, and year after year. Naturally we cannot be otherwise.

Yet, when we look around, we are witnessing a great majority of people who are just partially happy, or experiencing a feeling other than total happiness. There are those who seem to have lost their way to total happiness. They are not being totally happy in and throughout their life.

The dire need to reach a level of being totally happy becomes more and more difficult for them. The farther they search for it, the shorter is their feeling of total happiness. The hotter their pursuit of it, the more elusive total happiness becomes to them. The more intense their desire for total happiness, the more stressful is the challenges of their daily living.

Of course many have searched at the wrong places. To answer why, Ramona L. Anderson said, "people spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within".

Surely many people have missed being total happiness, while others are still searching for the secret to total happiness, and so far none of them are able to receive and also to most of them none are able to give a correct and satisfying answer to the question of total happiness.

Total happiness is within us, why then are most of us are searching for it without. To illustrate, please imagine in a house where there are oranges at every corner. Yes, oranges on the dining table, in a basket near the television set, in the refrigerator, and more in the store. To exaggerate further, the location of this house is on a piece of land surrounded by an orchard of oranges. One day, the man of the house is about to go out, when his wife started to ask him, "where are you going?” To this question he answered, "I am going out to find some oranges".

Almost similarly, we find total happiness within us, so we do not have to look for total happiness outside. We do not have to be everywhere, nowhere, elsewhere or anywhere to enjoy total happiness. We do not need anything to happen, and we do not hope that something won't happen, in order to attain total happiness.

Total happiness in always inside us, so why are we looking for it outside? The title of this article at the outset already suggests the very answer to the question "where is the location of your total happiness?"

The fact remains and it is assuring to know that total happiness is within us. Total happiness is inside us. The location of total happiness is in a space known as sanubari, within a place in your heart. Total happiness is a feeling in a form of a wonderful energy.

Deep within us, we are already totally happy. We possess it, and it belongs to us. God has given us total ownership of our own total happiness. We are totally happy regardless of any happenstance surrounding our life. We do not have to travel to any hotel or any resort to claim it.

Instead beginning now we may choose to advance into an inner journey toward the center of our being should we choose to really discover it. We can touch base as of now, and be in enlightenment and not endarkenment in relations to our total happiness.

Anyone searching for total happiness with the wrong reasons, will surely miss it. Let me explain with this familiar story. There are two guys in the darkness of a room. One ask the other, "what are you searching?", The other answered, "I am searching for a box of matches". "What for?", asked the one. "So that I could find the torchlight", came the answer. "Now, why do you need the torchlight?", exclaimed the other. "So that I could find a box of matches to lit this cigerette, you silly!"

In addition, anyone searching for total happiness in the wrong place, will surely miss it also. Let me explain with another familiar story. There was a man searching for something under a lamp post. A passerby asked him, "what are you searching?" He answered, "my wedding ring". The passerby thought that ring must be important to this man, so he offered, "may I assist you?". The man nodded. The passerby then asked to make sure, "where exactly did you lose it?". The man stood up straight and pointed his finger to a distant tree. The passerby wondered and asked, "why do you not search for it there?". The man answered, "Oh! It's too dark there, here under this lamp post it is so much brighter".

Now do you know where total happiness is? Do you also know where is real, true, genuine, wholesome, or total happiness? Do you know where to find a state of being totally happy? Where the place is? Where is its location? Democritus said, "happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul". While Aristotle, said "to live happily is an inward power of the soul". Less anyone forget, one's soul is inside oneself, and not outside, OK.

Next, please see what Helen Keller said, "happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do…".

Yes, total happiness is within you. The message of this article is for you to touch base at the very center of your being. You may prefer to close your eyes now and flow inside. So go on an inner journey into the center of your being. You shall reach a point where total happiness is. Then at every moment of your life, you are free to choose total happiness at will. This is a place where you shall choose to be. Yes...be happy.

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