Why Is It Important To Embrace Our "Dark Side" Every Now And Then?

by Charles Goodwin
(Ontario, Canada)

When we refer to the dark side, ideally it is our inner darkest fantasies. Over the years, the dark side has become to be known as ‘the shadow’. A number of psychologists are on record suggesting that every human has a dark side.

Some of these fantasies can include unconscionable acts and mean-spirited qualities. These qualities can be jealousy, anger, being judgmental, selfish, or violent. They can be viewed as disgraceful and degrading. These fantasies can be seen as all demonic. However, all these qualities should not be condemned. Most people are usually afraid to discover their dark side due to the fear of judgment. However, it is acceptable for humans to compassionately appreciate these qualities once in a while. Sometimes it is important to embrace our dark side as highlighted below.

Facing our fears
Fear can hold us from a lot of things. Many fail to accomplish dreams due to fear. Important to note that every human being fears something! When we embrace our fears, we are able, to be honest. We are honest about what scares us. Such fear is usually unknown to the world. Having an understanding of our shadow can help us bring out these fears. We are able to step into our sinister corners of the mind.

Embracing our fears comes with a number of benefits. Additionally, knowing our fears can be the beginning of wisdom. When face fears, we begin to analyze. The analysis can give you the chance to answer some unanswered questions about life. Negative mindsets are turned into something beneficial.

Improving relationships
The human race is built around relationships. It can be love affairs, family or even relationships with colleagues. These relationships can greatly improve if we embrace our dark side. Embracing our darkest fantasies makes us aware of other people’s dark side. You become less judgmental than you are empathetic in any relationship. Ideally, you are aware that having a dark side is not bad.
Understanding our inner darkness can also help in getting out of bad relationships. It can be a love affair or a bad friendship. When we understand ourselves, we are able to speak out. Generally, a good relationship leads to better health.

Your truest self
We can’t ignore the fact that we have a dark side. Unfortunately, we fail to act in this darkness. It is beneficial to address dark thoughts that cross our minds. Digging into our darkness helps us to ignore and move and move beyond the limits we have subconsciously assigned ourselves. Along the way, being true yourself attracts criticism. However, with a deeper understanding of our inner selves, we are able to ignore the critics. Being happy, boosting confidence, respect are among the key benefits of being yourself. Being true also contributes to being mindful. Mindfulness entails being aware of what we talk about. The power of tongue shapes our lives in different aspects. Embracing your dark side gives you grit.

Improved physical health
Ideally, things we are afraid to know will always exist. As seen earlier, embracing our dark side helps in fighting our fears. Our bodies use lots of energy trying to avoid these fears. The body will find ways of utilizing this energy in other places. Spending time thinking about these fears can lead to headaches, a bleeding ulcer or even worse health issues. When you focus on the fear, the body softens and becomes revitalized. Improved physical health will keep conditions such as obesity, stroke, and diabetes at bay.

Positive life changes
Every human being desires positive progress in life. However, for positive change to be achieved there must be challenges along the way. The defining point is how to handle the challenges. An exposed dark side is the key. Understanding and embracing our hidden traits playing a vital role in facing these challenges. You will be able to charge through life without any genuine problems. You might even be able to help other people to take charge of their lives by becoming a life coach or by giving executive coaching to the desired candidates.

Despite efforts to hide, sometimes our not-so-pretty traits emerge. We do our best, but inevitably, these traits come out when triggered. They are the qualities we are born with despite being primitive and self-destructive. As highlighted above, it helpful to embrace this inner trait due to the numerous benefits.

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