Wonderful and Powerful Woman

by Thanduxolo Williams
(Murraysburg, Western Cape, South Africa)

it took courage to conquer the march
it took wisdom to plan this big step
it took faith to march against such oppression
it took unconditional love to sacrifice for all and not for one
it took trust to combine to work and pray together
it took powerful woman to fight the pass laws
but it took woman of strength to walk the walk
and that's what makes you powerful
you are indeed powerful and wonderful woman

the overflowing wisdom to solve problems
the unshaken faith in God that you have
the trust that you showed in ourselves to reach our dreams
the courage you show in fighting poverty at home
the strength yes the strength
you show in waking up to a new day
the strength to carry us through our struggles and pain
the strength to uplift us from our misery and sorrow
you are the pillars of strength in our lives
and that's what makes you wonderful
you are indeed wonderful and powerful woman

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