Yesterday I Dared To Struggle,Today I Dare To Win

by Vasudha Pant
(New Delhi, India)

I am a college going girl who, like many of us, wishes to achieve many things in life. Achieving what we dream of requires many things like hard work, self belief, patience & positive attitude. So, I use this as a medium to express how important self belief is when we are chasing our dreams.

Just a month ago, I had my college fest. It comprised of various events organized for the students. One of them was the "Radio Jockeying Hunt," which had two levels- the audition and the final level.

The winners of the former were to perform in the final level. Not to boast, but I always felt that I had the ability to speak well, a quality required for being an RJ.

So, I was completely excited about this contest and was sure that I would perform well. Just a week before the audition, my friend called me up. I told her about the contest and that I had given my name for its audition. She was quite surprised and laughed at my decision.

Then again, a couple of days before the audition one of my classmates laughed at me, said that I lacked the ability to be a RJ, and would make a fool of myself by taking part in the audition. All these reactions discouraged me and forced me to re-consider my decision.

The excitement regarding the contest gave way to fear and self belief gave way to doubt. So scared was I, of what people might think of me, that I didn't participate in the contest.

The act made me feel like a loser and filled me with regret. At this moment, my mother and brother helped me. They advised me to simply follow my heart without caring about what people would say.

Then just a week after the fest, I had a very contradictory experience. An activity session was organized in the college, which comprised of various events for students. I took part in three competitions- Snack Buzz, Crooning Glory and Extempore.

I had no experience about any of these competitions but still I tried to explore my strengths. In Crooning Glory (singing competition) there were many contestants, most of whom were well trained singers.

Before the competition began, I was a bit nervous, since I'm not at all a good singer but still I didn't let this invoke fear in me. So I went on the stage and sang the best that I could.

Soon after the competitions were over, it was time for announcing the results. Just as I had thought, I didn't win any prize. Despite this, I was extremely happy and satisfied, since I had participated.

My sole purpose of sharing these experiences is that many a times we want to do something that we love but restrain ourselves fearing of what people might think about us or we'll be laughed at or we'll be losers.

This fear, though quite natural, is actually unnecessary. Every person who has made it big has failed quite a number of times and has been laughed at by people. Despite this, what makes these people rise, is their self belief.

This self belief became stronger with every criticism that came their way, every failure they faced, and every difficult situation that they came across. Such people are never afraid of trying because they know that each time they try, they are one step ahead of what they were before.

Hence, one has nothing to lose if he or she tries. In fact it's a win-win situation, since if one succeeds it's good and even if one doesn't succeed he or she is still better than what they were before.

This habit of trying or struggling makes a person stronger. Hence it's rightly said, "Winners are too busy to be sad, too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated!"


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