You Can Be What You Want to Be

by Judith
(Lusaka, Zambia)

I am a young lady aged 20 and my name is Judith. During my child hood l always had the passion of becoming a journalist. Each time I would be sitting in the living room watching television and let’s say its news time..and a news castor is presenting the news, I would admire and imagine it’s me and say to myself "someday I will be one of the news castors and I will be a TV personality. I Will be the best journalist that I can be.

When I was about 13 years old I met this man who is a producer and he asked what my ambition was. I told to become a journalist. He said would you mind if I used your voice in the documentaries I produce? He said it’s not difficult I’ll just use you as a narrator. I said ok I’d give it a try. I did the first documentary which was for USAID called “abana besu" then I also did another one for a certain Pentecostal church that was being launched.

Then later last year I was approached to present a science education programme which I accepted and I was trained by my director Angel Phiri of Muvi TV and I’ve been presenting the program for a year now though it’s not been easy but I’ve managed. The only problem I am facing is I am unable to raise money from that program because am not an employee of Muvi TV - I just present the program for them and also it’s because we’ve been struggling to find a sponsor for the program. That’s how come I don’t get any pay for presenting the program.

I present the program on Sundays at 16hrs and it’s called Wizkids. It’s a programme aimed at helping the Zambian children to develop a positive mind about science. The program looks at junior engineering technical scientists (JETS).

Currently I am pursuing my diploma in journalism at Institute of Social Sciences within UNZA campus. I will be graduating next year after June.

So just to recap my story, I would say my dream of becoming what I have always wanted to be has and is coming into reality.

I encourage my fellow youths out there to hold on to their dreams and put God first for he will make your dream a reality. I have learnt that I can be what I want to be in life so long I keep my dreams high and living.


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