You Can Choose to "Be a Happy Success Story"!!!

by Tim Mark Nolen
(Mariposa, CA United States)

Happiness and Success can be achieved by anyone in the world on a daily basis. Every person that is alive today has the ability to wake up one day, and choose to happy! "What"... "HOW" It's so simple, I can't believe it took me so long to realize this for myself.

Now that I have, "It changed my life overnight, and I've found my life's passion. "I was the stoner doing nothing and going nowhere." "The guy who was depressed and anxious at all times."

"The guy who had it and lost it all."

This is how I woke up and started to love myself and my life. So say tomorrow, you wake up and you feel like you have had ENOUGH.

You cannot take the sadness, the depression, the searing pain of feeling that your stuck in an unsatisfying existence. The day I came to this realization, is the day everything changed for me.

I'm telling you, you don't have to feel that way for one more second. In that moment, I realized that it was first step on the road to happiness and success for me. The next thing I realized I must do is find the thing in life that I was truly passionate about. This can take time, so dont rush yourself. Allow yourself some time to figure this out. It should be something that truly excites an inspires you. Something you love and enjoy consistently, on a daily basis. This moment is when I knew that my real life was about to begin.

Got it in mind? Here we go....Your real life begins now!!! Now that you feel like you have found out what your true life's passion is, TAKE ACTION. From this moment on you must spend every waking minute on achieving success at your passion. Something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and feel as if you have to take action or I wont be able to sleep tonight.

I know for a fact, you will not achieve a thing, until you feel like you have to succeed or you can't even BREATHE. Everyone can say that they want to be a success. They can even can preach the gospel of success, and not truly want it. Some of you reading this will tell yourself you want success and not really mean it.

You say you want to succeed but not as much as you want to watch sports, play videogames, or watch TV. Shut it down, put down the remote or that controller. Get off your butt and start grinding. We have so little time on this earth. Dont waste even a second, there are only 24 hours in a day so use them. You must spend all your time enhancing your perception and your intelligence.

If you are constantly and consistently improving yourself, you will always be hungry. Never let yourself be content in any aspect of your life. As Tony Robbins says hunger is your best asset. Stay hungry always, your appetite should grow with time. You should always want more out of life.

What would happen if you got everything you have ever wanted? I'll tell you, I know for a fact it would just depress you and leave you feeling unsatified. Until you live and breathe success, success will not come. No one is going to hand to you. THIS WILL BE HARD!!! You have to be willing to give it everthing you got, and start achieving your dream. Its yours, so you must be willing to reach out and take it for yourself.

This not all just your mind set. Your physical health is just as important. You must do all the things in life we as a society already know must done to be happy. Eat, sleep, and exercise well everyday. If your sitting around wondering why you aren't feeling well physically.

Take a look at what your putting into your body. Look at how much or if at all your exercising. As well as looking at the quality of the exersise you are doing. Your physical health must be a priority, if you ever going to be truly happy and successful.

So get off your butt and start working out. If you are happy with the way you look and feel on the outside, it will be much easier to be happy with your inner self. Also know and believe the more you become in control of how you feel on the inside, the more blissful your life will become.

Let's say you are in total and complete control of much bliss is in your life. You would choose to "what" be miserable, I think not. You would choose to feel bliss at all times(correct?). The more you are in control your thought process, your emotions, and how you feel about yourself.

The happier and more blissful your life will become. Every day all day, know the power of I AM... We all know the negative ones... I didn't get done what I set out to do today, I am lazy. I hit traffic, I am unlucky. I failed at life, I am not worthy. Instead constantly and consistently from the moment you wake up till the moment you hit the pillow at night. Tell yourself I am... happy, I am... going to have great day, I am...going to suceed at all my life goals.

This all means nothing if you dont believe it for yourself. You have to believe in yourself for others to believe in you. You must have and use the drive you have within yourself if your ever going to succeed . You have to know, this will all be hardwork.

But hardwork will be the benchmark at which your happiness and success is built upon. Hardwork is hard but more than likely worth the time you put in. I know for a fact that hardwork without joy will make your life tidious and unsatifying. So while hard work is an absolute must.

If there is no joy in the process, than all your hardwork is worth nothing. Do not let anyone tell you can't or not good enough. Only you know what's inside of you. Never ever put others limitations on yourself. They might not be able to achieve that goal.

But if you want it bad enough, you can get anything you you want out of life. Your effort is what truly matters, not your talent. Ask anyone who has ever done something great or worth while in life.

What they had to do to conquer their dream. You will get a similar answer, I just kept grinding away, put all my effort in all day, everyday and I never quit.

You can never fear pain, pain is your friend. Pain will make you better and stronger everytime you face it and learn from it. If your already in pain, don't run from it, use it to your benefit. This also works with fear.

Fear is probably the best internal motivator you got. So dont worry about fear, change what your afraid of. My biggest fear in life was embarrassing myself with my anxiety. Which caused me to scared to even communicate with another human being. Now that I changed my fear set, my only fear in life is just being average.

I mean, everyone in the world has the power to great within themselves. So why just be average, forget average be GREAT!!! To be great at something all you have to do is to do, is to work as hard as everyone else plus one more. Michael Jordan is widely considered to be the greastest basketball player to ever play the game.

It's because he has won 6 championships instead of 5. Every player you could ever consider to be great only has 5 championships. Kobe, Lebron, Seth Curray, all only have 5. But MJ is the greatest because he has won just one more championchip than everyone else.

If you can be great, why be just average, forget average. So dream big and stay away from the small people. Small people are the haters, the people that aren't supporting your dream. You have to be willing to sacrifice any relationship that is not helping you progress in your life.

Yes, it will be hard and they will be mad at you. I repeat you can't, you cannot spend even a second on anything or anybody that is not helping you achieve your dream. You have to outwork everyone around you, if you want success at your dreams.

There is always someone else willing to put in the work, and be there readt to take your spot at any moment. So you have to always be willing to out work the person beside you. Then and only then will start to achieve success at whatever your putting your time into. You have to have a routine daily and make sure to stick with it.

A routine that will allow you to constantly and consistently help you to enjoy, grow, and succeed in your everyday life. If you don't success and happiness will be just of your reach at all times. So plan everyday and every moment. You can't win the war without a plan of attack for every battle in your life span.

Remember this always, hardwork with joy will be the very thing that allows you to be happy and to achieve success. So get off your butt, wake up and get to work. One last thing, remember to be playful with life. Its not irresponsible to play, its actually very responsible to go and play.

While hard work and dedication are a must. You have to get out there and play from time to time. You just have to do it in moderation. As well as making sure in doesnt interfere with your bliss and your success in anyway. Much love, your boy Tim Nolen.

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Jul 27, 2019

by: Moses

reat article Tim. Thank you. Inspiring!!

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