by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)

The greatest enemy of man is not disease... (HIV/AIDS, Cancer etc)
The greatest enemy of man is not a poor socio-economic situation.

The greatest enemy of man is not his background or location.
The greatest enemy of man is a NEGATIVE MINDSET- self-doubt, loser mentality, self-limiting concept, scarcity mentality, negative attitude etc
And today... you can decide to defeat your greatest enemy by changing your mindset.

All improvements in your life will only begin with an improvement in your mental pictures.
You can change your thinking... You can change your life...

• Believe that you are the best no matter the matter
• Talk good health, prosperity and peace to every person you meet
• Make everyone you meet feel that there is something special in them
• Look at the good side of everything
• Think only of the best... work only for the best... and expect only the best

• Be enthusiastic about the success of others as you are... about yours
• Forget the mistakes of your past... and press on to the greater achievements that lies ahead
• Give everyone a smile
• Spend a lot of time on your personal improvement that you have little or no time to criticize others
• Be too big for worries and too noble for anger

It’s your attitude... not your aptitude that determines your ultimate altitude.
You are surely made for the BEST and Nothing less.
Best Regards,
©Fresh Motivation Int’l

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