You Can Only Become Rich By Enriching Others

by Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU
(Ilawe, Ekiti-state, Nigeria)

In the words of one of the world’s greatest living motivator, he once said;
You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

And I wish to say now; People are our greatest assets.

Ordinary people spend their most valuable time making money
But extraordinary people utilize their time in making people

Because when you make people, those people will turn around to make money for you.

You don’t need to be a multi-billionaire to be generous.
Money is not the only thing you can give.

An encouraging word from you can give hope of a better tomorrow to a promising youth
A smile from you can help someone on a suicide mission reverse it!

It’s all about serving others...

Looking for ways to add value to them...
That’s the way to achieving significance in life.
Your purpose in life is not only “to have and to hold” but also “to give and serve”.
A wise saying from my place asked; “why do men greedily amass and store up material possessions? Even if we have unimaginable riches we will die, if we build uncountable houses, we will still die.
Our service to others could be through mentoring them, feeding homeless people, sharing our faith with them, spending quality time and commitments with our friends and families etc

Being generous is not a function of’s a function of the heart.
It doesn’t come from the top of the purse, but from the bottom of the heart.

As for me;
I might not have RICHES... I have REASON
I might not have a JOB yet... I have my JOY still
I might not have a fat FINANCIAL ACCOUNT now... but I have a robust INTELLECTUAL account now
And I have made a commitment to share my REASON, JOY, and INTELLECT with friends; so that we can all discover and manifest our ultimate destinies.

My question for you today is...
A highly successful steel merchant and philanthropist once said; “No man becomes rich unless he enriches others”.

Best regards,
©Fresh Motivation Int’l

Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU, the author of the book titled “PEAK PERFORMANCE CAPSULES”, is a gifted orator and an impactful motivational speaker with Fresh Motivation International. He’s a creator of possibilities, an instigator of Joy, a catalyst for growth, a builder of people, and a producer of passion. He gives captivating, informative, entertaining and uplifting talk sessions. He can be reached through or or call: +234-806-520-6663

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Feb 07, 2017
I'm glad that we're talking about the heart and not the head or the ego
by: Al qu

Same thing

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