You seem to have a very open mind..

by Olof

But i think when it comes to your fable about evolution.. you might not quite have grasped might want to look it up a bit more...

but sientist just dont know what happend exactly before the big bang yet.. and they are not completly sure how exactly the first single cell organism came to be yet..but fossil evidence shows it happen.

there is so much evidence prooving that evolution is a fact

basicly denying that evolution never took place is like saying a dna test cant prove you commited a crime..

or that you cant show who is a father of a child form a dna test

becasue that same test also shows we all share a common ansester with the other primates and even older ansestors of all other living things on this planet

its facts basicly just as we know the earth is round.

but hay you could still belive that god might have initiated the big bang :D or sparked life in the first single celled organism

Enought of evolution talk
here is a interesting video that gives you a background of where sience comes form and what its done for us so far...

and here is a brilliant site for inspiration and motivation

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