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Mar 02, 2015
These are really
by: Anonymous

These are really a superb showcases here I am glad to have a review of it and feel to roll on its steps for my benefit always

Jun 05, 2014
Good one
by: Chirantan, kolkata

No worry to call someone boss :)

That's great, good article :)

Mar 27, 2009
You are gr8
by: Anil Saini

Your way of thinking is really so noce. First we listen to our heart without thinking about the people around us ,after that should go forward and you did the same thing whatever your heart says to you.

All the best. God bless you.


Mar 24, 2009
Your is fantastaic
by: Isaac

I really envy you for what you have done with your life by doing what is always right, people will talk when you fail and obviously they wont build you, they are just there to see you fail.
It is good to go for what your heart is telling you, because even if you fall you still have to rise and move on. That is one way of achieving what you want so you have to find another way of getting where you want.

Mar 23, 2009
Success Is Yours
by: Wiyanto, Indonesia

I had same experience before. Work all day just for end month salary. My time, my life and my financial were controlled by my boss. Very very sad and had work anyway.

Before I decided to leave those life, I consult to my wife because my decision will effect her life also. I told her that we might be poor for some time but she was agree to stick on me whatever. We spend 50 days in condition we never through before but after that our life had changed, changed to a better .

I set up a maritime electric company with my only worker. Work hand in hand to complete the contract. We survived and today he shareholder of my company.

I think if we want to success in our business, we must give more than we recieve and let the nature decide what will we get.

You spend more time in coaching, make coaching as a part of your life. The nature have paid you with the NO "yes boss" sentence in your life anymore.

You did it. Success is yours, make others success in your region.


Mar 23, 2009
Very Inspriing Story
by: Moses

Lalit, that is a very insprining story.

You are right, we would get so much more done and achieve worthwhile and satisfying success if we just followed our hearts and not listen to what other people say.

When others tell us what to do it is because they see us through tehir own fears and limitations. It is important we analyse and discover ourselves as you did so that we live happy and fulfilled lives.

You are right, great minds like you are found here.

All the best with your business and keep us updated as you grow and grow...and grow...

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