I Always Wanted to be My Own Boss, & Finally I Am

by Lalit Sharma
(Ahmedgarh, Punjab, India)

Hi..I am a teacher and running a coaching center in a small town in Punjab.I was looking for motivational stories to get motivated, as I have always read for betterment.

When I read some of the stories here, I realised that I am with the people like me. So, I also want to share my experience.

In my point of view what your heart says is always better than what people tell you to do. Being a computer engineer earlier, I looked for many jobs in the same profession and I got many but I could not cope up with any of them.

As my parents had paid an arm and a leg for my studies I did not have any other option except to pursue a career in the same field, but due to having no interst in this field and as I always wanted to own my own life I just became desperate.

One day when I was analysing myself, I advised myself to go against the people around me and this thought relieved me so much that I decided to go for it.

I analysed myself again and found that I never felt fatigue while teaching English. Just for experimentation I started teaching some students.

You won't believe but I was enjoying myself. Out of the blue I got my way and after three years we are one of the best centers in our region.

I know some of my friends may be earning more than me in MNCs, in India or abroad, but I have no one to say "YES BOSS" to, the words I always hated to say.

I know, I am the happiest person for me. We are making progress and because we like people the sky is the limit and we are moving on and on.......

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