Inspiring Picture Quotes

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These inspiring picture quotes have been specially selected to give you captivating images and motivating words all in one.

To view the full sized images simply click on the appropriate image below and a new window will open with the full image. You can save the images by right clicking and selecting to save the image. Please use the images as they are without making any changes. Of course, use is restricted to non-commercial purposes only. If you require the full sized original images feel free to contact me.

Inspiring Picture Quotes

"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect."

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

"The sun is always out. Remember that when the clouds appear."

"Don't confuse your path with your destination."

"Nurture and trust in that childlike ability to dream and explore life's possibilities. "

"Perfection, though unattainable, is worth striving for. In aiming for it we become better versions of ourselves."

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About These Images

All the pictures are from my various travels around Zambia and other places. Most of them are therefore of the wonderful sights and scenes in Zambia and I am very pleased to be able to share these with you. Zambia is a beautiful country in Southern Africa and has a lot to offer anyone seeking to explore its game reserves and historical sites. Zambia is said to be one of the most peaceful and friendly countries in the world.

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More Inspiring Picture Quotes

"The very nature of life is risky. Take calculated risks."

"Success is as attainable fr you as it is for any man. Go for it. "

"Approach life with a fresh mind and curiosity."

"Every day you do not change is another day you kill the person you could become."

"We cannot exhaust the creative power of our minds."

"Master your thoughts first in order to master your circumstances and environment."

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