Inspiring Quotes Picture Collection

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This quotes picture collection is uniquely put together for you to inspire you on your quest for success.

Simply select the image you would like to view below by clicking on it and a separate window will open with the full sized image. You can use the images as they are, without modification, for non-commercial purposes only.

Inspiring Quotes Picture Collection

"Do what you love. Love what you do."

"Why worry what others think? They ave their own stuff to deal with. Live your life."

"It is better to stand alone that to stand for popular but wrong ideas."

"Learn from your mistakes because whether you like it or not, you will make them."

"Let it go. Be at peace. Just let it be. Float away."

"In life, intentions are not good enough. only actions matter. Do it now."

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About These Images

I am happy to share these personal pictures with you which I have taken in Zambia, my home, and other places that I have visited. As an amateur photographer I am always thrilled to share my work, even more so with these inspiring words too. Most of the pictures are from Zambia, but a few others from elsewhere. I find that photography opens your eyes to the world around you and makes you notice things you otherwise would not.

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"I have seen people with nothing yet so happy. I have seen people with everything yet so miserable. Happiness is truly an inner thing not determined by our circumstances." 

"Our minds are as infinite as space itself."

"Right here and right now is the only thing you have control over."

"What you believe does not change the truth. Seek truth."

"There is a time for planning and there is a time for doing. One without the other is a waste of your time and energy."

"Your potential is unlimited. You can become and achieve anything you want."

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