Inspiring Free Motivation Quote Collection

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This free motivation quote collection is courtesy of the many motivational newspaper articles I have written over the years. They offer a wealth of information and insight which I am sure will be useful to anyone on the road to greatness:

If you need to quote these anywhere, please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba".

Free Motivation Quote Collection

  • “Success is certain for the man who believes he can succeed.”
  • “You need to be certain of the fact that success is as attainable for you as it is for any man.”
  • “Quality time by yourself is important for emotional well-being and balance in life.”
  • “It is necessary to fully appreciate the things in life we often take for granted. Things like the trees and flowers, the feel of the sun on your face, the fact that you are alive and well and the smell of a rainy day. These are things that all add richness and meaning to life.”
  • “There are two things that you should always do in any place you work. The first is to add value to your workplace and the second is to add value to yourself."
  • “It is a fact that the person who does not make an effort to perform at work is not the kind of person who will make an effort to perform when it comes to their own dreams, if they have any dreams to start with.”
  • “Your best bet to survive and excel is on yourself and your ability to adapt to change.”

  • Develop a sense of confidence in yourself and your ability to attain your goals. It is very important that you keep things in perspective and remember that everything worth having in life is a process and requires time to attain.
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free motivation quote. Lake Kariba, Siavonga, Zambia.Sunset over Lake Kariba, Siavonga, Zambia.
  • “Never get into the habit of doing time. Make every day count.”
  • “It’s not how much time you’ve worked that matters but what you have achieved within that time.”
  • “If you have a clear vision of where you want to be and what you want to achieve you will be more willing and able to change. This is because with this vision you will know what change is necessary in order for you to reach your intended destination.”
  • “The simple fact is that if you are successful within, in your mind, you will be successful on the outside as well.”
  • “The MD knows something the maid doesn’t. That is why he earns a hundred times more than she does.”
  • "If you must win you must remember to focus on the one person that can make a real difference in your life. That is you. Do not look to other people to make you a success. More importantly, do not blame other people for your lack of progress and achievement. Such an attitude of blame will only serve to disempower you and make you feel helpless."
  • "The only person that is responsible for getting you what you want in life is yourself."
  • "You cannot depend on the government to take care of your every need. It is far better to empower yourself and to be able to take care of yourself in every way possible."
  • "Do not leave your financial future in uncertain hands by trusting pension schemes, health schemes and a whole lot of other schemes that are not in your control."
  • "People hate the idea that if they found their talent and worked at it they too could find fame and fortune. The idea that only a few are gifted and can attain greatness is a big cushion for them to fall on and comfort themselves. That way when they fail at something they can give up and simply say they don’t have the genes or talent for it."

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