Quotes About Dreams

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quotes about dreams, dream quotes, dr moses simuyemba, motivation for dreamersQuotes about dreams - A bird that flew into the house - had to take pictures before letting it go

These lovely quotes about dreams from me and others that have inspired me are a real reminder about what it takes to achieve your dreams and live the life you desire. Enjoy these quotes about dreams.

Quotes About Dreams

  • "Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.” Marcia Wieder
  • “It is a marvel to think what would happen to the world if the dreamers woke up and did something about their dreams. This world would never be the same. But there is hope and it starts with each and every one of us making a difference in our own lives. You have no idea what impact a single person’s dream can have on an entire nation and globe.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “As you grow up every decision you make seems to narrow your possibilities more and more. When you choose one career path it means you have given up the thousands of other paths you could have taken. But growing up does not necessarily have to mean having less choice and fewer possibilities for your life. You can be grown up and still treasure, nurture and trust in that childlike ability to dream of the possibilities and explore life.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “The bigger your dream, the bigger the opposition you will have to overcome from within and from without. Keep moving forward...you will overcome it.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “Good things do not come to those who wait. Good things come to those who actively do something about their situation whilst they are waiting. If waiting was all it took to have good things in life everyone could achieve their dreams because waiting is effortless.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “If you aim at nothing, that is what you will get. Dream big. Aim high.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “Do not judge your success based on other people’s success. One of the things that make people impatient is seeing other people getting ahead faster than they are. At such times it is easy to leave your plan and seek a shortcut to success. But this should not be the case. It is necessary that you know what your plan is and where you are headed as an individual. There are many ways to achieve any one thing. The trick is to stick to your own plan when others around you seem to be getting ahead much faster than you. Yes, they may be enjoying more success than you, but you know nothing about where they are ultimately headed. Why should your path and your direction be determined by what others are doing? Be patient with your own plans and your own dreams.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • ''I may be just a foolish dreamer but I don't care 'Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere I'm searching for that silver lining Horizons that I've never seen Oh I'd like to take just a moment and dream my dream Dream my dream.'' Lionel Richie - Zoom
  • “Taking action is an important key to success. Many continue to fail because they lack focused, sustained action. You can read books, watch videos, listen to audio and attend all the conferences in the world, but without action nothing will change. Acton your dreams.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “The sky has never been the limit! Your potential is limitless. You can achieve anything you set out to do. Make your big dreams a reality and may your small dreams hide in shame.” Dr Moses Simuyemba

More quotes about dreams below.

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More Quotes About Dreams

quotes about dreams, dream quotes, dr moses simuyemba, motivation for dreamersLizard captured at Lake Safari Lodge, Siavonga, Zambia
  • “Many people laugh at and discourage those that would try to get more out of life. What they really mean to say is ‘who you trying to make us look lazy and stupid? Just fall in line!’ If you listen to them, you can forget about achieving your dreams and overcoming mediocrity.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.”  Victor Hugo
  • “I like to interact with people with big dreams and plans. They challenge me to think even bigger for myself. They help you see that everything and anything is possible. I fear people with small dreams.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • ''Act like you know that you are in control! We all fall, just get up like you know where to go. Live, love, learn, and always have a goal. And at the end of the day, you will pave your own road.'' Cista Arceneaux
  • "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe
  • “Dreamers chart their own course and destiny. Dreamers are always striving to be the person they were meant to be and are not afraid to be different.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • Dream big, ignore your senses. That is exactly the problem for us: we are too sensible with our dreams. We plan according to what we perceive by our senses to be the truth. We plan according to how much money we see in our bank accounts or pockets, what we hear people say about us and our situation or the economy, and the resources and things we can touch as being available to us. We are restricted by our senses. Yet, our senses were never designed to perceive spiritual, mental or abstract things. Our dreams begin with our thoughts, which are a mental process. Our thoughts are or should be superior to our senses. Whatever is manifested in the physical realm to the senses begins in the mental or spiritual realm.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • “As I grow older I find that my dreams remain the same, just more refined and defined with time. The execution sharper and more focused. There is no substitute for experience and no short-cut for persistence. Don't give up on your dreams, stay the course. You will get there.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • "Instead of forgetting your dreams and living within your means, try pursuing the means to live your dreams." Garry Keller
  • "Don't get lost in the hustle of the world, get lost in your dreams." Rex Maughan
  • “When your dream is big enough, you will do whatever it takes.” Dr Moses Simuyemba
  • How real is your dream? Can you see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, touch it even before you achieve it? That is how real it has to be in your mind. Immerse yourself in your dream every day and take action every day, no matter how small. It will have no choice but to happen.” Dr Moses Simuyemba

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