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best inspirational quotes. Dr Moses SimuyembaMy son enjoying the candlelight during load-shedding blues, Lusaka, Zambia.

The best inspirational quotes to motivate you on various subjects relating to life, success and finding true and lasting happiness. These free quotes are from my various posts on social media, especially from my Facebook Page: If you need to use these free inspirational quotes elsewhere please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba". 

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Best Inspirational Quotes

best inspirational quote. Dr Moses SimuyembaColourful fishermen in a canoe, Lake Bangweulu, Samfya, Zambia.
  • “Punctures are part of life. Change the tyre and get a move on!”
  • “Do not let your past successes make you overconfident and complacent in making decisions. Always ensure that you have all your facts and plan as thoroughly as you can. Beware of changes in the environment and circumstances in which you are living and operating.”

  • “Keeping a gratitude journal...I think it helps to reflect on the things you are grateful for at the end of every day. There is a lot to be happy about if you have an attitude of gratitude :)”
  • “Sometimes God says NO because your vision is too small. You might want that thing, but God would have bigger plans for you. Don't worry when things don't go the way you want - if you have trusted God through it you will have peace...and with time you will come to understand why.”
  • “The more I look around, the more opportunity I see in Zambia and Africa generally. But if you are NOT looking for it you definitely won't find it :)”
  • “It's not how much time you've worked that matters but what you have achieved within that time.
  • “Whatever stage of life you are in, enjoy it! Look forward, but LIVE NOW.”

More of my best inspirational quotes

best inspirational quotes. Dr Moses SimuyembaFront garden at home.
  • "Being employed is good. So long as it serves its purpose of allowing you to earn money and learn and grow at the same time. Times are changed and it is no longer enough to be employed all your life and hope for a pension to take care of you at the end of your career.

  • "You need to be certain of the fact that success is as attainable for you as it is for any man. Go for it.”
  • “Sometimes things don't get done because the people who are supposed to do them are too shy or proud to ask for help when they don't know what to do or how to do it. It is better to ask and learn.”
  • “It is your responsibility to get the correct knowledge so you can have the correct road map of life. Ignorance is no defence. Ignorance will kill you.”
  • “Some say it is foolishness and backward to believe in God. Personally, I don't know what I'd do without Him. Don't be quick to dismiss the Bible - make sure you make an informed choice: READ IT YOURSELF.”
  • “READ. Society celebrates mediocrity so much that it does not take much to set yourself above the rest. Doing that one thing regularly in your chosen field will put you way above the rest. Read books that challenge you and that make you think.”
  • “Dare to believe. YOU can do it. Just go ahead.”
  • “They say experience is the best teacher. What they don't say is that it need not be YOUR OWN experience. Learn from others, the good and the bad lessons.”

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Even more of my best inspirational quotes

  • “God has given each of us the freedom and ability to decide for ourselves. God does not force anyone to believe in him. Likewise, we should not force others to believe what we believe or to see things only as we see them. We should believe in our opinions and defend them, but we should also respect other people's right to have their own opinion.”

  • “Friendship is like a magnet attracted to another magnet. Do not fuss about those friends that have ''fallen away'' because the fact that they have probably means the magnets are no longer compatible.”
  • “Realize that you alone have ultimate power over your future and what happens or doesn't happen to you. This should be a liberating and empowering thing. Take hold of it and use it well. The world owes you nothing. Don't gamble your life away with the entitlement mentality.”
  • “Perfection, though unattainable, is worth striving for. In aiming for it we become better versions of ourlseves.”
  • “There will always be someone who is more talented and brilliant than you. Question is - what are YOU doing with YOUR talent?”
  • “There are still some who would rather be given fish than taught how to fish. They are too lazy or indifferent to invest time into learning something now so that they can have an easier time tomorrow. For such there is little hope.”
  • “Don't mind so much what others think. Mostly, they are also afraid of being judged and just as eager for approval.”
  • “Everybody is beautiful... because who we are is about more than just how we look.”

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