Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

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inspirational quotes and sayings. Dr Moses Simuyemba. Washington DCWar Memorial, Washington DC, United Sates of America.

Inspirational quotes and sayings to inspire you on various subjects relating to life, success and finding true and lasting happiness. These free quotes are from my various posts on social media, especially from my Facebook Page: If you need to use these free inspirational quotes elsewhere please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba". 

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Inspirational quotes and sayings

inspirational quotes and sayings. Dr Moses SimuyembaWar memorial, Washington DC, United States of America.
  • “As I grow older I find that my dreams remain the same, just more refined and defined with time. The execution sharper and more focused. There is no substitute for experience and no short-cut for persistence. Don't give up on your dreams, stay the course. You will get there.”
  • “Get the right knowledge in order to succeed. There is little point in re-inventing the wheel. Learn from those that have gone before you and succeeded. Some things have a tried and tested formula for success. Start there. Innovate later once you have mastered and proven the basics.”
  • “I love nature. Always amazing, always a surprise.”
  • “Don't worry - it's going to be fine. There is nothing that has happened to you that has not happened to anyone else. Even when it seems you are alone in your pain, know that someone else has been through it...and triumphed over it. You too can do it too. You will do it!”
  • “There is a prison that has an inmate population in the billions. It’s a prison without walls, without barbed wire, without guards and without any physical barrier. But it is the most effective prison in the whole world. Few escape it, but those who do find real and lasting freedom.”
  • “Go ahead and start that business you want to start. Go ahead and study what you really want to study. Go ahead and become a musician, poet, artist, fashion designer or whatever else you want to do. Sure you might fail, but you might succeed too. Take the risk today and conquer your fears. Do you want to look back years from now and think I could have, I might have, and I should have? That is a sad way to live your life. Do it now!”
  • “Our minds are as infinite as space itself.”
  • “Love what you do. Do what you love.”

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More inspirational quotes and sayings

inspirational quotes and sayings. Dr Moses SimuyembaSunset over Lake Kariba, Siavonga, Zambia.
  • “Progress requires courage. If you hang on to your current "security" at all costs and are unwilling to let go of your current branch in order to reach another, you will never progress. Let go. Reach out to greater things.”
  • “Most people desire to get wealthy and have an extraordinary life, until they realise it requires them to work for it. Then, it seems, ordinary will do just fine - as long as they can take it easy and not have to stretch themselves too far.”
  • “Why worry about what others think? They have their own stuff to deal with. Live your life.”
  • “Accepting that life is hard comes with accepting that you have the responsibility to make it better. Not only do you have the responsibility to make it better, you have the ability and the power to make it better.”
  • “The amount of effort it takes to fail is the same amount of effort it takes to succeed as far as the mind is concerned. It is your responsibility to provide it with the right seeds of thought.
  • "Do not be afraid of criticism for what you are doing, but rather be afraid of no criticism for not doing anything worth criticizing at all.”
  • “A good leader delights in and encourages the success and independence of those he leads and mentors. A weak one wants to perpetuate dependency on them and feels threatened by the followers' success. But worst of all is the leader who deliberately sabotages the success of others so they can remain on top. That is how the entire enterprise eventually fails as no one is allowed to thrive outside of the leader and those who are strong are forced to leave in order to prosper.”
  • “When you live without purpose anything goes. But when you live with purpose, everything that doesn't add value to that purpose falls away.”
  •  “Make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. Consider advice and weigh the options but realise that at the end of the day you have to make the decision yourself. You cannot live to please other people by doing what they want...they have their own mess to clean up.”

Even more inspirational quotes and sayings

  • “Sometimes your greatest success just takes that extra little push. If you have been putting in all you can and it doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere, don't give up. Give it that extra push. It could be that extra bit of effort that gets you there. That tipping point, as it is sometimes called, could be just around the corner. Keep going.”
  • “Oh but how people fight for power and get so consumed by it. They forget that there is nothing new under the sun and even their might and pomp is but dust in the winds of time.”
  • “When your dream is big enough, you will do whatever it takes.”
  • “Keeping focused on your personal goals can be a big challenge when day to day urgent matters such as work are always in the way and there are so many demands on your time. That is why it is important to have reminders. Things such as vision statements, dream boards, that wallpaper on your phone or computer and so on to remind you to keep focused and keep going. Most of all, make time for what matters.”
  • “How open are you to new ideas and new ways of doing things? Sometimes we get so accustomed to the way the world works that we forget that it could just as well work differently. Things change and evolve. That is the only certainty. One of the things that determine how well you thrive is your ability to adapt and change.”
  • “Investing in yourself is critical to success in any business. Don't hold back on spending money on your own learning. Your success depends on it. I am currently enjoying such training as a Forever Business Owner. Half day only done of two day training...learnt so much already and looking forward to more.”
  • “When you have a job, you don't want to give it your best. Once fired, you come back begging for the same job. Nobody employs you because they want to support you or your family. Nobody will take you back out of empathy. They employ you to deliver results. It's an exchange of benefits. Be diligent in your work, no matter how big or small it is.”
  • “When destiny calls will you answer? Will you recognise it for what it is, or let it pass you by? Be prepared always. Seek out your purpose.”

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