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Free inspirational quotes to inspire you on various subjects relating to life, success and finding true and lasting happiness. These free quotes are from my various posts on social media, especially from my Facebook Page: If you need to use these free inspirational quotes elsewhere please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba". 

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Free inspirational quotes

free inspirational quotes - there is beauty everywhere. Dr Moses SimuyembaLovely flowers in front yard garden.
  • “If our convictions can be challenged and still stand up to that scrutiny and questioning, leaving us even more convinced and determined than before, then we are on the right track. If when challenged, however, we are left shaky and feeling discouraged, then we must question our convictions in the first place.”
  • “There are some things you can only get better at by doing. No amount of theory can replace actually doing something as the best way to learn it. Passing through the golf club to practice my golf skills after work today reinforced this idea that there is no substitute for taking action. I realised something about how to aim the putter that I could never have gotten reading about it or watching YouTube videos about it. So if you are really serious about improving at anything, stop just talking about it, stop just reading about it, stop watching others doing it - go out there and do it yourself!”
  • “Enjoy the competition. It's good for your business growth.”
  • “Make no assumptions about how the world works. Find out. The more I read and learn the more I realize that the majority of people take things at face value and never question if things really are or work the way they have been told they do. The majority view seems to be the accepted ''truth''. But more and more, once you investigate, you find that the majority can be wrong. Very wrong. It is often best to learn from the minority - those people that have excelled in their particular fields, because quite obviously they know something that the majority don't. Quite obviously, they do things the majority don't. Thus it is important to actively seek out the right knowledge and to learn because such knowledge will not come to you passively. If you are a passive learner all you will get is common knowledge and common success. Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort.”
  • “Dancing is an awesome expression and use of the body. Get your groove on. Enjoy life!”

More free inspirational quotes

free inspirational quotes. Dr Moses SimuyembaCamouflaged chameleon in front yard garden.
  •  “God won't always give me what I ask for. Either I'm not ready for it or it's just not good for me. Either way, if I have a good relationship with him, he will make it clear that the answer is no. Hey, if I'm really in good books with him he may even show me why!”

  • “A person with over-bearing opinions that I don't agree with irritates me but I can stand them better any day than a person with no opinion.”
  • “Dream big and ignore your senses. That is exactly the problem for us: we are too sensible with our dreams. We plan according to what we perceive by our senses to be the truth. We plan according to how much money we see in our bank accounts or pockets, what we hear people say about us and our situation or the economy, and the resources and things we can touch as being available to us. We are restricted by our senses. Yet, our senses were never designed to perceive spiritual, mental or abstract things. Our dreams begin with our thoughts, which are a mental process. Our thoughts are superior to our senses. Whatever is manifested in the physical realm to the senses begins in the mental or spiritual realm.”
  • No matter what situation you are in, you have a choice. No matter how bad things are, you have a choice. No matter what you think you can or cannot do, you have a choice. Now it may not be an easy choice, by any means. It may be a very difficult choice and the road you decide to take may be a tough one. It may push you way out of your comfort zone. It may mean that in the initial period your life may get even harder than it already is. But it is a choice nonetheless. A lot of times you will actually find that the choices are not as hard as you thought they were. You may just have shut off your mind from seeing those choices and possibilities because you thought you had no choice. Once you become open to the idea that you are responsible for your life and that you have choices, you will find that you are no longer stuck just because life is hard. At that point, life is still hard, but you have the final say. Your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful.”

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Even more free inspirational quotes

  • “Wealth is not about having a lot of money in your bank account. Wealth is about having ASSETS that generate income. If you understand this fundamental principle of wealth creation you are on your way. If not, take time to read around it.”
  • “The purpose of a thing determines its design. Worldwide there is so much talk of promoting equality for men and women, but I think that equality is being confused with "being the same". Man and woman are equal but not the same because they were designed for different purposes. For example, woman was made more emotional whereas man was made more logical. This is because man, with his purpose being that of provision and protection for the family needs to be more logical, whereas woman, with the purpose of caring and nurturing for the family needs to be more emotional. So man and woman can be equal and yet different, and that is how it ought to be. But all too often many talk of equality and yet all they want is for man and woman to be the same. That is doomed to failure because they were designed for different purposes."
  • “I have learnt that your body is not who you are. It is your vehicle on the earth, allowing you, a spiritual being, to function in a physical world.
  • "Enjoy the simple things in life that you take for granted, many do not have them."
  • "You are capable of achieving a lot more with your body than you think. Human fitness is amazing when pushed to the limit."

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