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inspiring quotations. Dr Moses Simuyemba Candlelight. Candle.Making the most of dark Load-shedding days, Lusaka, Zambia.

Free inspiring quotations to inspire you on various subjects relating to life, success and finding true and lasting happiness. These free quotes are from my various posts on social media, especially from my Facebook Page: If you need to use these free  inspiring quotations elsewhere please be sure to attribute to "Dr Moses Simuyemba". 

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Inspiring quotations

inspiring quotations. Siavonga. Lake Kariba. Dr Moses SimuyembaMain road to Lake Kariba, Siavonga, Zambia.
  • “Finding time to think and reflect is important to achieving great results. Many of our challenges are not solved in the hustle and bustle of being busy but in the quiet of thought and inner reflection.”
  • “Focus on the most important things to your success. Invest 80% of your time and effort on the most important things to your success. The rest will fall in place.”
  • “I know that even when am not aware of it, God is always there for me. Thank you Lord.”
  • “When things are tough remember why you started on that journey, your destination. Will it serve you well to abort the journey on the way and be stranded in the middle of nowhere?”
  • “You do not have to judge everything. Sometimes just see things for what they are and move on. Investing your emotional energy in things irrelevant to your success is detrimental.”
  • “Changing the world is not about changing others. It is about changing yourself and your environment. It is about letting your inner light reflect on the outside so that others too can have the courage to change themselves.”
  • “The world will not run out of resources on you. There is more than enough to satisfy every desire you have. The question is - what are you doing to get it?”
  • “Mediocrity is simply giving less than what you are capable of. Get rid of mediocrity and prosper.”
  • “In times of despair and hopelessness, find hope in God. All that is happening to you has happened before to countless others. There is nothing new under the Sun. And yes...this too shall pass.”
  • “It is better to stand alone than to stand for wrong but popular ideas.”
  • “What is worse: to try and fail or to never try and still fail? There is growth and learning in trying. Do it.”

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More inspiring quotations

inspiring quotations. Dr Moses Simuyemba. Yin YangYin Yang on front porch.
  • “I have seen people with nothing yet they are happy. I have also seen people with everything yet so miserable. Happiness is truly an inner thing and not determined by our outer circumstances.”

  • “At a crossroads, choose the path of greatest reward, not the most beautiful path.”
  • “Do what needs to be done, not what is most convenient.”
  • “Developing a winning mind-set takes effort and time. Visualise yourself succeeding and you will get there. That is the first step - see it in your mind.”
  • “It's not the people that say "no" that matter to your business, it's the people that say "yes". Focus on them.”
  •  “People that are passionate about what they do are easy to spot. They are forever doing what they love to do around their passion. They talk about it, they do it, and they show it. Those that lack the passion usually only talk about it. But it is those that DO that succeed.”
  • “We can't all be super tars. But we can all be great. Discover your purpose and pursue it. It is the key to your greatness.”

Even more inspiring quotations

  • “In business, do not waste time arguing with ignorant people who do not understand what you do. Those with genuine interest will ask the right questions and come with the right attitude. Focus on them. Those who simply want to argue about what they know little about, yet are not willing to be educated about what you do are not worth your time nor energy. Leave them alone.”

  • “Everyone has a story that has immense value. The trick is in recognising your own story and sharing it in style. It can help someone out there.”
  • “Business is about learning and adjusting. Mistakes will come and the sooner you make them the better. That requires constant movement so that you make the mistakes early and learn quickly. The slower you act the more protracted and costly will be your mistakes. Thus consistent action becomes important to shorten the learning curve.”
  • “Followers have the luxury of hindsight. Leaders have the assurance of vision. As a leader you will often have to go through uncharted territory. Let your vision guide you.”
  • “Part of the discipline of being in business is to know when to say no. Not every deal is for you, not every person is good for you to work with. Be clear on what your business and personal principles are and stick to them. That way you will not be distracted or way-laid by bad deals and bad people. Think quality, not quantity.”
  • “When you are clear on what you want you are prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. If it is big enough you will not allow excuses to derail you. Go for it.”
  • “Some truth is hard to tell. But some are brave enough to tell it.”
  •  “Think "Global Small Business". That is where the world is heading. There is as much money to be made in such business as in any other big business.”
  • “What can you say....for some people money brings more problems than good. That is why being wealthy is a mind-set...if you give a fortune to someone with a poor mind-set they will just squander it all. Get financially educated.”
  • “We often hang on to jobs out of fear of the unknown. But truth is, if you are committed and have the knowledge and skills, life on the other side has many more options and flexibility.”

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